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Meet the Chef

Coming from a family with deep roots in Jamaica Chef Bigggz grew up surrounded by flavorful food. From childhood he always had a passion for cooking and catering for others. This stemmed from the close relationship he shared with his late grandmother who was a major influence in his passion for preparing and serving meals. 


After high school, the Private Chef went on to major in Culinary Management, in addition to jump starting a successful restaurant in his own backyard in 2014. Taking a break in 2016 the Chef tried his hand in other business ventures however he was called back to the flavors and pots in 2018, starting a Taco Tuesday for close friends and family. After the sharing of “flavaz” and extreme word of mouth, the demand for Taco Tuesday and more was so great, it was decided to continue his primary passion in food service. In 2019 Chef Bigggz took a leap of faith starting his own private chef and gourmet dining/catering services. 


Now dubbed the ‘Flavor King’, Chef Bigggz has had the pleasure of serving a wide range of clients from entrepreneurs to celebrities such as Paul Heyman, Lil Wayne, and National sports league players.


Chef Bigggz caters to all clients no matter status, style or event.
His business focuses on: 


  • Customization: All clients have the pleasure of selecting their own custom menu with assistance from the chef if necessary. 


  • Quality Ingredients: Chef Bigggz sources only the finest ingredients and seasonings for all prepared dishes, separating his standards from many other chefs and food services.  


  • Professionalism: Chef Bigggz and our catering staff ensures that each service is executed with professionalism from the inquiring to booking process and even after the service transaction is complete.

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